Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The DSC Podcast S02 E09 - Chasing The Dream with Kevin Porter

In this episode, the boys sit down with 46 year old Toronto Fire Fighter/Paramedic Kevin Porter and discuss chasing the dream of becoming a pro hockey player.

The DSC Podcast S02 E08 - Post Game Leafs vs Lightening - Dec 9th 2021

The b’ys get together for a little chat after the Leafs 5-3 Loss to the Lightening on Dec 9th 2021. Less about the game and more about the configuration of the team with current and future injuries. Who’s showing up and who has not so much. The trio also dig into some 2022 Team Canada Olympic predictions. Finally, the lads look at some players likely to be available to the buds around the trade deadline.

Monday, December 6, 2021

The GM's Christmas Wish List: They Sure Don't Make Them Like That Anymore


Through this holiday season, everyone, it seems, has a wish list.

Yes, even NHL general managers.
And while they may be secretly dreaming of a new set of titanium golf clubs from an appreciative team owner, or an all-expenses junket for two somewhere in the Caribbean, compliments of the VP of operations, a more ambitious priority overshadows their list.

The DSC Podcast S02 E07 - The Todd Crocker Episode

When you get a chance to spin yarns with the voice of the Marlies, what are you gonna talk about? Obviously, Ziggy Peelgoods, Paddy looking like Ed Sheeran, and how COVID-19 has affected the french fry industry. 

We do touch on some other topics though. Like the one time Todd mailed it in as a broadcaster in St. John’s, Amazon’s All or Nothing from a hockey and film makers perspective, Chads Christmas tree, Todd’s segment “Walk to the Rink”, Brian Rogers, Crock’s favourite call, A Jerry Seinfeld reference, TJ Brennan, Paddy discloses who out there can drink more than Newfoundlanders, the inside track on Josh Ho-Sang, Nick Robertson’s focus, Connor Brown’s competitiveness, The Marlies Calder Cup team, Feeling the weight of Leafs Nation, The time Ryan cried watching hockey,  First time calling an NHL game the night Crock had to replace Joe Bowen for the Leafs, Wally Pipp, who is your celebrity doppelgänger & much more.

Oh….and see if you can find the subtle Bill Barilko reference?

The DSC Podcast S02 E06 - "The Inside Track" On Sports Betting With Kris Abbot

So, where’s Kris from and how did he end up with Coolbet? Clearly, we want to know about sponsoring The Ray and Dregs Podcast and drinking beer with the b’ys (because that’s what we do). We chat about The Newfoundland connection, not being a fanboy, responsible gambling, transparency with the public, where the sports betting industry is heading next, Russell Crowe, legislation and regulations in Canada, how it all works and much more!

The DSC Podcast S02 E05 - Leafs vs Bolts Post Game - "Say No To Crack"

Tonight, the DSC crew discuss the Leafs 2-1 OT Victory over the Lightening. 

Find out where Paddy wants to swipe his Visa. There is lots of love for Sandin and Liljgren in this one. We discuss whether the Oilers are the Best team in Canada. We talk about rumours of trading Holl or Dermott. We chat about the Jack Eichel trade and all the woulda/coulda/shoulda. We dig into the Panthers situation with Bobrovsky. Someone called kylie a “bimbo”. Growlers update. What happens with the Habs if Price comes back. Paddy drops an idea about something we can do at a growlers game. We take a jab at Cole Caufield,  give a shout out to the newest member of the DSC team, and we flash some butt early in this one.