Monday, December 6, 2021

The DSC Podcast S02 E07 - The Todd Crocker Episode

When you get a chance to spin yarns with the voice of the Marlies, what are you gonna talk about? Obviously, Ziggy Peelgoods, Paddy looking like Ed Sheeran, and how COVID-19 has affected the french fry industry. 

We do touch on some other topics though. Like the one time Todd mailed it in as a broadcaster in St. John’s, Amazon’s All or Nothing from a hockey and film makers perspective, Chads Christmas tree, Todd’s segment “Walk to the Rink”, Brian Rogers, Crock’s favourite call, A Jerry Seinfeld reference, TJ Brennan, Paddy discloses who out there can drink more than Newfoundlanders, the inside track on Josh Ho-Sang, Nick Robertson’s focus, Connor Brown’s competitiveness, The Marlies Calder Cup team, Feeling the weight of Leafs Nation, The time Ryan cried watching hockey,  First time calling an NHL game the night Crock had to replace Joe Bowen for the Leafs, Wally Pipp, who is your celebrity doppelgänger & much more.

Oh….and see if you can find the subtle Bill Barilko reference?

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