Saturday, October 30, 2021

The DSC Podcast S02 E04 - The Dirt with Dean MacDonald

It’s been a busy 48 hours for Dean MacDonald and the Newfoundland Growlers. 

So, what’s on the go? Dean opens up about the process which is ahead and the uncertainties. Future plans to move on without the City of St. John’s and just why this team and this place is so important to him. We also get updates and insight into Dean’s 2 new ECHL franchises, the Trois-Rivieres Lions and the Iowa Heartlanders and much more. 

PSA: You may want a feed of Mary Browns at the end of this EP. 

Strap in for the Dirt with Dean MacDonald.

The DSC Podcast S02 E03 - Leafs Lose 7-1 vs The Pens

The Game Was Bad. We Know It Was Bad. It Was Really Bad.

Who is really to blame here? Not who you might suspect actually. Kylie's gigantic water bottle makes an appearance. Talk of higher powers at work. Money, Money, Money is also a theme. Most importantly, we look at the organization from the top down and dish on everyone.

The DSC Podcast S02 E02 - Post Game Leafs vs Rangers - "The Human Shield"

Post game chat from the Leafs vs Rangers on Oct 18th 2021. 

Interesting take, 1 game, 3 different reactions from our hosts. Who has stood out so far this season and who hasn’t. Lots of talk about Morgan Rielly & Jack Campbell. The trio discuss unconventional Penalty Killers. More chat on Timothy Liljegren. What to expect next and much more.

The DSC Podcast S02 E01 - A Season Preview With Joe Bowen


Its Season #2 of the DSC Podcast and Look who is back!! Joe Bowen!!! 

Joe talks on what went wrong in the Leafs loss to Montreal in the playoffs. We talk about “All or Nothing” as well as the emergence of another Bowen. We answer questions like: Was the North division weak? Or, what is Killer instinct and does it come in a can? Joe Helps us dissect last year’s team vs this year’s team. We chat about the loss of Bogo and how that affects the bottom pair, What’s up with Nick Robertson? And much more. 

But most importantly, Joe leaves us with renewed faith heading into this season. We Beleaf again!

The DSC Podcast EP. #27 - Leafs Pre-Season: Who's In? Who's Out?

Clearly we couldn’t start without a little chat about the Blue Jays. But then HOCKEY! So much to talk about. NHL Salary cap debate, The problem with the Leafs D pairs to start the season, What to do with Kerfoot?, the Blue and White game, the left side, Leafs trade bait, What will happen with Rielly?, Amazon's All or Nothing series, and detailed discussion on Bunting, Kampf, Gusev, Robertson, Niemela, Sandin, Ho-Sang, Amadio, Engvall, Liljegren, Brooks, Gabriel, Spezza & more!

Strap in! A new season is just around the corner.