Sunday, March 28, 2021

The DSC Podcast EP. #9 - Totally Jacked

After Jack Campbells 2nd consecutive shutout, the DSC team dive more into the portrayed goalie controversy, In “Off Topic With Kylie Murrin”, Kylie brings up the shade getting thrown at the Leafs by Oilers fans. There is lots of love for Spezza and Hyman in this episode as well as early reviews on the Play of newcomer Alex Galchenyuk. Finally, the trio introduce a new segment “Yes B’y, No B’y” which is a bit of fun.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The DSC Podcast EP. #8 - May All Your Stretches Be Slumpless

In EP.#8 our crew discuss the recent skid for the Leafs with particular attention paid to the fans view of the Leafs goaltending situation. It's an exciting time of year, which leads our trio into trade rumours, speculation and organizational needs. Hot Takes & Fast Breaks is a little contentious while Off Topic With Kylie Murrin remains somewhat on topic. Finally, the DSC Podcast announces a major Guest in the very near future.

The DSC Podcast EP. #7 - The Theo Fleury Episode


In this episode our trio is joined by the one and only, Theo Fleury. First off, in this episode, Theo BREAKS NEWS of an upcoming Hollywood movie! As if that wasn’t enough, the foursome discuss What it takes to win, '89 cup team, Advice he gave Matthew Tkachuk, What takes to be a great player, Playing with fire, Sexual abuse, Opioids, Suicide, Mental health, Trauma, Where his career would have gone without the abuse and addiction, The NHL today vs the NHL in the 90’s, Advice to young players, World Junior Gold, Gretzky Stories, The Fly Line, Song writing, His Relationship with the New York Rangers, Recovery , The impact of the Indigenous communities has had on him, Spirituality & much MORE!

The DSC Podcast EP. #6 - McWho? Mc-K-Av, That's Who

The DSC crew has a BIG GUEST announcement during this episode. The trio also talks about the recent series sweep of the oilers with particular attention to some unlikely candidates. In this episode the podcasters roll out 2 new segments, "Off topic with Kylie Murrin" as well as "Hot Takes &  Fast Breaks".