Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The DSC Podcast EP. #7 - The Theo Fleury Episode


In this episode our trio is joined by the one and only, Theo Fleury. First off, in this episode, Theo BREAKS NEWS of an upcoming Hollywood movie! As if that wasn’t enough, the foursome discuss What it takes to win, '89 cup team, Advice he gave Matthew Tkachuk, What takes to be a great player, Playing with fire, Sexual abuse, Opioids, Suicide, Mental health, Trauma, Where his career would have gone without the abuse and addiction, The NHL today vs the NHL in the 90’s, Advice to young players, World Junior Gold, Gretzky Stories, The Fly Line, Song writing, His Relationship with the New York Rangers, Recovery , The impact of the Indigenous communities has had on him, Spirituality & much MORE!

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