Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The DSC Podcast EP. #15 - "Well, That Sucked - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians May 3, 2021"

In this Episode, PHG offers us a big discount on a piece of Leafs Memorabilia. Kylie is Visiting her mom and dad, Chad is not drinking townie beer and the Leafs Lost to the Habs 3-2 in OT on May 3rd 2021.

Our Trio chat about Sandin and Brooks coming on strong, What happens when Hyman comes back, Chad introduces a new Segment called “ Must Read, Must See “, Liljgren Expectations, Homer broadcasters, Missed calls and dives!

Oh and Kylie claims to be good at Math?

Saturday, May 1, 2021

DSC MEME: The Simpsons Are Never Wrong

The DSC Podcast EP. #14 - "Growing Up Cherry: The Tim Cherry Episode"

Want the story behind the firing of Don Cherry. We got that for you! Remember 30 years of Rock Em’ Sock Em’? Tim was the man behind the content. How about “Keep Your Head Up Kid – The Don Cherry Story”? Yup, Tim wrote and produced the full mini-series. With over 16 years of OHL scouting under his belt, we also get to discuss the players who impressed and players who surprised. This episode is full of stories about Don and what it takes to be a pro on the ice and off. Welcome to The DSC Podcast Episode #14 “Growing Up Cherry – The Tim Cherry Episode”

The DSC Podcast EP. #13 - The Allan Bester Episode

A Childhood Hero to our 3 Hosts, The DSC crew is Jacked to bring you an Episode for the Hardcore, Die-Hard, 80's Fan Boys! Our team discuss, The Art of the Glove Save, Mike Ilitch, Facing 40 shots per night, Harold Ballard, The Super Series, 80's Contracts,  Wendel Clark, Memorabilia, Steve Yzerman, Hockey Card Signings, The Wild Antics John Brophy and much more.

Our Guest is also Unapologetic when called out by the Newfie trio.

Sit Back, Relax, Have A Laugh & Enjoy, The Allan Bester Episode.

The DSC Podcast EP. #12 - "A Deadline To Remember - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians April 12, 2021"

Our trio discuss the Leafs 4 - 2 Loss to the Montreal Canadians on April 12, 2021. Whats next for Galchenyuk. Putting the Record Stress Behind us. A huge Deadline for the Leafs as they gear up for a Stanley Cub Run. Yes B'y, No B'y is loaded with the tough questions. Kylie adjusts her eye make up (hehehe) and much More in "A Deadline to Remember"

The DSC Podcast EP. #11 - "Jacked" For Records - Post Game - Leafs vs Canadians April 7, 2021

What a night!! Chad was unavailable for this one, so we thought it was a great time to roll out our "Average Joe's" Series of episodes, where we are joined by die hard fans, just like us! 

The DSC Podcast EP. #10 - The Dr. Charles Tator Episode

What do you know about concussions? If you are like the us, probably not that much. The DSC Podcast is thrilled to be joined by one of the pioneers in concussion research and greatest Canadian physicians of all time, Dr. Charles Tator. His awards and  accomplishments aside, Dr. Tator's love for the game is what truly shines through.