Monday, December 6, 2021

The DSC Podcast S02 E05 - Leafs vs Bolts Post Game - "Say No To Crack"

Tonight, the DSC crew discuss the Leafs 2-1 OT Victory over the Lightening. 

Find out where Paddy wants to swipe his Visa. There is lots of love for Sandin and Liljgren in this one. We discuss whether the Oilers are the Best team in Canada. We talk about rumours of trading Holl or Dermott. We chat about the Jack Eichel trade and all the woulda/coulda/shoulda. We dig into the Panthers situation with Bobrovsky. Someone called kylie a “bimbo”. Growlers update. What happens with the Habs if Price comes back. Paddy drops an idea about something we can do at a growlers game. We take a jab at Cole Caufield,  give a shout out to the newest member of the DSC team, and we flash some butt early in this one.

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