Sunday, November 17, 2019

Video: Aaron Luchuk Gets Destroyed by Vicious Head Shot. Results in ECHL Fight of the Year!

Don't like old time hockey? Please keep scrolling. The Newfoundland Growlers have the ultimate combination of skill and toughness. That deadly combination is what landed them an ECHL Championship last season. Therefore it is my pleasure to present you their Leader, Captain James Melindy.

You need to look pretty deep in the Maple Leafs organization to find players who handle themselves like Newfoundland Growlers Captain, James Melindy. While the likes of Melindy seem to be a dieing breed around the league, don't tell that to Growlers fans.

On Saturday night Michael Moffatt of the Toledo Walleye delivered a forearm headshot to Growlers forward Aaron Luchuk which would make the burliest fan cringe.

Well, the Captain was on the ice for the Growlers and to the shock of absolutely no one at Mile One Center in St.John's, the Skipper's mittens quickly came off for what many are calling the heavyweight tilt of the year.

Blows were landed on both sides, notably with Melindy planting and uppercut near the end of the fight which would have buckled a lesser man.


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