Saturday, November 23, 2019

Ryan's Casual Observations - The Keefe's Leafs "No Poo" Edition

I've been writing my on reviews for years on FB fan groups, but have decided to move them to my own site. A fresh start. No better time to do that then when the Leafs get a fresh start as well.

So for those who read my RCO's, you may have noticed I haven't written one in a while. As a fan, I was in a very dark space. I had nothing to offer which would ad any positivity to an otherwise toxic situation.

Babcock had to go, that was obvious. There was an obvious disconnect on all fronts, GM and Coach, Coach & Players, Players & Media. You name it. So Keefe breaks in. 

He's Kyle's guy. I believe in Kyle's vision for this team so I am happy we have a coach who mimics this vision. 

Keefe is saying all the right things: 

"Barrie is a priority to get going and we need to put him in positions to succeed" - No Poo, this was one of my biggest grievances with Babs, he basically changed nothing.

"We need to let the players play" - No Poo  these guys have been elite level athletes since they first laced up as toddlers. They need structure in there on end and a game plan, other then that, you let the horses run! The players love it, the fans love it and the win column loves it.

"I love the good energy on the bench" - No Poo  that is something that has been missing. These guys don't need to be over coached, there is a reason expectations are so high for these guys, they are already fantastic skilled players. Let them, set themselves up for success by keeping it lite.

Keefe is also doing all the right things:

He scratched Shore - No Poo, aside from face-offs, he has done nothing

He is putting Shore back in for the Ave's game - No Poo  he's from there, you need to earn players respect and Shore will respect that. Also, other players on the team are taking notes.

He has Spezza as the 3rd line C - No Poo  Kerfoot played the wing in Colorado. Let him learn from a potential future hall of famer in Spezza. Spezza can also be a weapon. There's lots left in the tank there yet.

Keefe plays Petan over Timashov. - No Poo  Keefe has seen Petan at his potential, dominating with the Marlies. If Keefe can win this kids respect & trust, he is going to produce.

Barrie is on the top PP - No Poo  that is where Barrie had success for the majority of his career. Our PP sucks and Barrie has under performed. You don't need to be a mathematician to figure out a potential solution here. Feed 2 birds with one scone (that's the new politically correct way of saying it. No birds were offended in this blog).

So in short, I'm back! I'm interested! I'm excited. 

Odds are against the Leafs to even make the playoffs but im on the battle back bandwagon. What about you??

The Blues were terrible at this time last year.........Just saying.

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