Sunday, February 21, 2021

The DSC Podcast EP. #5 - Post Game Yarn, Leafs 'N' Habs

Our trio stay up late to Discuss the good and bad after the Leafs 5 to 3 Win over the Habs of February 20th, 2021. They talk Goalies and GOALIE CONTROVERSY, an improved defensive core, A break down of the Forward lines, 34 and 16 earring their pay cheque, 2nd line struggles, an Iffy 3rd line, and 4th line options. They talk about the Galchenyuk trade and where he might land on the squad. Pay attention to so Leafs PTSD references throughout this one as these 3 fans have "seen some poo".

Finally around the league, they discuss what a 2022 Team Canada Men's Olympic team might look like. The DSC crew want your opinion!

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