Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mike Commodore Goes Off On Mike Babcock Again Over Spezza Scratch!

Commodore certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to his hatred for Mike Babcock.

With the healthy scratch Jason Spezza at the Leafs home opener on Wednesday night, former Red Wing defenceman Mike Commodore took to social media to once again, voice his opinions on the Maple Leafs Head Coach.

What do you think? Is Commodore justified in his comments on Babcock or is this just sour grapes from a former player scorned?

I'd love to here your opinions. Comment Below.

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  1. Totally Agree with you ! SCUMBAG LOWCLASS move !

  2. Mike Babcock is not a successful NHL coach, and Mike Commodore is.... oh wait...

  3. Spezza had a good camp yes but the Leafs have a ton of amazing forwards. They probably didnt need Spezza for the opener, and you don't win cups by bein sentimental when it comes to build your roster. You go with the best.

  4. Dies this clown coach the team, cannot be much of a player himself. First I heard the name. As for Spezza he did shine like a penny at one point. He got tarnished with Ottawa, never played well. Had a exaggerated value. In the last few years he did nothing. Babcock is are coach, Mike Commodore is not! So his ignorance is nothing more than that.

  5. Mike Commodore used to sit on a bench run by this guy, he knows better than anyone posting on here what kind of person and coach Mike Babcock is. We're talking about the choice of the 4th line centre on opening night, this is not a choice that would likely have some major bearing on the outcome of the season, is is hard to see this as anything but an unbelievably shitty move by the coach to make a statement about who's boss and how little he cares about anything else. He clearly doesn't like Jason Spezza, seems to me he will do anything he can to make his life miserable as long as Spezza is on the team.